Dentist Oxford Dental Tips for Coffee Drinkers

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Coffee has become a very popular drink worldwide. In fact, it’s the second most drank beverage next to water. But unfortunately, coffee has some negative effects on your precious teeth. Coffee affects the appearance of your teeth by staining them. Due to its acidity, your tooth enamel will wear out over time. Your tooth enamel is porous in nature and coffee can get in there easily, causing your teeth to turn yellowish.


How to get rid of coffee stains from your teeth?


There’s no perfect way of removing coffee stains from your teeth (unless you entirely quit drinking coffee), but you can minimize the effects of coffee on your teeth in the long run.


1. Reduce the amount of coffee that you drink every day. Quite a straightforward advice, but you may not consider this as an option. You’re already used to drinking a certain amount of coffee to keep you up the whole day. Nevertheless, cutting down on coffee will reduce the risk of stains.


2. Another tip is to rinse or wash your teeth after drinking coffee to at least eliminate coffee residue. Brushing your teeth will be even more helpful.


3. Avoid direct contact between coffee and your teeth. You may drink through a straw.


4. Bring back your teeth’s neutral level of PH by using a PH balanced mouthwash. Rinse with your mouthwash 30 seconds after drinking coffee.


5. Opt for a whitening treatment that will remove coffee and other substances that stain your teeth. Ask your dentist which treatment is right for you.


Dental problems can affect your overall health and confidence, so always keep your teeth and gums strong. Following these simple steps will go a long way in combatting the negative effects

of coffee on your teeth. We hope you find them helpful. Also, make sure to ask for more insights and advice regarding your dental health from your dentist.