Dentist Oxford Facts about Dental Overbites

Dentist near Auburn MA area discuss Dental Overbites

Dental overbites are one of the most common dental problems that many of us would often face.  With the rise of technological innovation, dental overbites can be cured by a variety of procedures. It can be surgical or non-surgical. However, people would often wonder why they have misaligned teeth.


Right down below, we are going to list some of the interesting facts that you should know about dental overbites.


They are hereditary

People have overbites because it’s in their DNA.  If both of your parents have this type of gene, there is a possibility that you can also have misaligned jaws or teeth.


Overbite procedures are not expensive

People with misaligned bites would often avoid going to their orthodontist because they believe the overbite procedures are expensive. Contrary to this belief, many dental clinics often provide cost-effective services to cure misaligned teeth.


Bottle feeding, Pacifiers, and Thumb-sucking Cause Misalignment

For babies, prolonging bottle-feeding, the use of pacifiers and thumb-sucking can cause the misalignment of their jaws.  It is very important that we wean our kids from bottle-feeding at the right age to avoid misalignment on their jaw.


Early tooth loss can cause overbites

If you have lost your baby teeth or adult teeth earlier than expected, there is a possibility that you can have an overbite. For the babies, they develop overbites when the permanent tooth is bigger than the baby tooth that had fallen out. It is important that they should see their dentist regularly to make sure that their teeth will not be misaligned. For adults, tooth loss can cause distortion due to the lack of support.



These are just some interesting facts about overbites. Overbites may seem to be a simple problem, but they can be really painful. It is best that you see your dentist once in a while to make sure that you’re free from dental problems.