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Porcelain Crowns

If a tooth is damaged beyond the point in which a filling can be used to mend it, the best dentist in Dudley MA, Dr. Valente, may suggest a crown, or cap, as an option. The crown will encase the entire tooth, in effect acting as the new outer surface of it. The crown can provide protection for the decayed tooth and help strengthen both the health and appearance of the damaged tooth. Crowns may also be used to restore a broken tooth back to its original shape or size. They can be created out of many materials, but most commonly are a mixture of porcelain that can give them a natural tooth look and feel.
How it's done:
First, your top provider of cosmetic dentistry in Auburn MA will have to reshape the tooth and take a digital impression for the crown to be created. Before the end of your visit, a temporary crown will be placed in order to protect your tooth in-between visits.
At your follow-up visit, the final crown will have been received from the laboratory, and is ready to be placed. The crown will be cemented in place following a thorough check that the color, as well as fit, match your already existing natural teeth.


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