Dentist Oxford Are Dental Implants Right for Your Smile?

Our Webster MA Dentist Recommends Dental Implants!

If you have experienced major tooth decay or tooth loss, dental implants can help you achieve a beautiful and strong smile. Not only do dental implants look fantastic, but they can also help protect and improve your oral health! Our Webster MA dentist can provide you with some insight into the benefits of dental implants for your smile. Every smile is unique, so your specific needs will be unique to your oral health. Call our office today to schedule your smile consultation and to find out if dental implants would be right for you.
The biggest advantage of dental implants is that they are almost identical to your natural teeth, both in appearance and function. Because dental implants are rooted into your jaw, they actually function just like natural teeth. A dental implant is inserted into your jaw using a titanium screw to keep it in place. This screw fuses to your jaw over time and the implant actually becomes part of your facial structure. Because of this, the implant is extremely secure and you will never need to worry about it coming out of your mouth. Many patients appreciate the stability provided by dental implants and the convenience of caring for them. Dental implants need to be cared for just like your natural teeth, so you should maintain brushing and flossing regularly. Regular dental appointments for cleanings and check-ups are enough to maintain a healthy dental implant, so you never need to worry about scheduling extra dental appointments. 
By far, dental implants are the most comfortable and convenient form of restorative dentistry. They never need to be repaired or replaced, and should not show signs of wear after years of use. An investment in dental implants is truly an investment in your smile. If you are searching for something durable, dental implants would be the right choice for you. The crown attached to your implant is made of porcelain, which is stain-resistant and incredibly strong. While dental implants may cost a lot upfront, you are truly paying for the highest quality of smile restoration. Our Webster MA dentist can help you determine if dental implants would be the right choice for your smile, so call our office to schedule a consultation and discuss your treatment options.
You can choose to repair your smile back to how it naturally looked before tooth loss, or you can choose to enhance your smile's appearance. Some patients choose to incorporate dental implants into dental bridges for a full smile restoration, so that could be an option for your smile. This would allow you to replace several teeth at once while using the implant as an anchor holding the bridge in place. You could also choose to have the implant made to match your natural teeth. A good restoration would not even be noticeable because it would look so natural. Whether you are looking to improve or simply repair your smile, our Webster MA dentist can help! Call today to learn more about dental implants.