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Porcelain Crowns

Crowns are a fantastic way to ensure a tooth is truly protected for years after the procedure is done. A crown is essentially a porcelain cover that is fitted over the top of the existing tooth. Crowns are made to be aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, and functional in your bite. 



Crowns are generally used when a tooth has become too damaged by impact or decay in which a filling would be ineffective for repair. Dr. Valente, the most experienced dentist in Dudley MA., is an expert on fitting crowns to any type of tooth. Your smile will have the visual appeal you want without breaking the bank with crowns. The procedure is painless, fast, and only requires a minimum of two visits. 


Crowns can be made of a few varied materials, depending on what lab the dentist uses to make the crowns, but they are normally made of a porcelain material with other natural substances, so the crown has the look and function of a real tooth that matches your other teeth in style and color. 




Your dentist will first talk over your dental plan with you, giving you their recommendations and suggestions, so you can make a well-informed decision on how to proceed. First, your dentist is going to work on the broken or decayed tooth to ensure that the damage does not spread. There may be a bit of filling added, and they may grind down a portion of the tooth in order to get rid of the decay, if applicable. 



Then, an impression is made of the space where the crown needs to be fitted over the damaged tooth. That impression and other data are sent to a lab where they make your custom fitted crown, which usually takes a week to a few weeks, depending on how far back you are in line. But, do not worry, a temporary crown that your dentist has will be placed over the tooth while you wait for the real crown to arrive. 


Your second visit will be when you receive your custom-made porcelain crown. The procedure is easy, fast, and painless. The dentist simply fits the crown over the tooth, ensuring a strong bond to the existing tooth, checking your bite for functionality, and once everything is as it should be, you are done! 


Additional information about porcelain dental crowns can be found by Clicking Here, or calling (508) 987-8125 to speak with a dental professional and to schedule an appointment.