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Teeth Whitening

There have been many modern advances in the teeth whitening process that is much safer, easier to administer, and provides enhanced results since this service has been offered in dental offices all around the world several years ago. If you reside in and around Webster, MA., you can rely on Dr. Valente to provide you the best teeth whitening services available.

Teeth unfortunately discolor for several reasons throughout our lifetime. The food we eat, the drinks we have, and our oral hygiene habits all have effects on the enamel of our teeth, or lack thereof. Yellowed teeth are not necessarily dirty or have plaque and bacteria all over them. The dentin in our teeth is yellow, and when the enamel of a tooth is worn away, and becomes thin, the yellowish substance begins to show through. Fortunately, Dr. Valente’s teeth whitening procedures help with immediate whitening, and also overall health of your teeth, so your teeth may restore themselves through the added nutrition and modern techniques used. 


Dr. Valente offers two choices in teeth whitening:

In-House Teeth Whitening – The teeth whitening dental experts will administer a powerful peroxide gel to your teeth that safely whitens your teeth while also adding essential minerals and nutrition to your teeth. The process usually takes about an hour to complete. 

At-Home Teeth Whitening – You have the option to take home a kit and do the process yourself if you prefer. These kits are better overall than any over-the-counter dental whitening kits that you find in box stores, grocery stores, and drug stores. The gel provided is not as powerful as the gel used in-house but is very effective nonetheless. The gel can be applied for longer to achieve more dramatic results. The gel can be worn for a couple of hours a day, or even overnight, for only a few days a week. If you want convenience, this is the best choice. 


To find more information about the teeth whitening services and options that Dr. Valente provides, Click Here or call (508) 987-8125 to speak with a teeth whitening specialist about the services.