Dentist Oxford Dental Crown Damage

Dentist Near Sutton, MA Discusses Damaged Dental Crowns

If you’ve ever lost your dental crown, you are not alone. Plenty of Americans have made their way to the dentist office with the crown in hand. Most people think that dental crowns are supposed to be a permanent solution, but that’s not true. In fact, these several things can cause you to lose your dental crown.
Tooth Decay
Teeth with crowns can experience cavities or decay. Typically, it occurs in the region where the natural tooth meets with the crown. If you have a loose crown as a result of tooth decay, take it to the dentist to repair the decay and for reattachment.
Chewy Foods
If you indulge in a sticky treat, your crown might come loose. Take it with you to the dentist to see if it can be reattached. 
Cement Washed Out
If the cement which holds your crown on fails you, it might fall out. Most times, the dentist is able to re-cement your crown back in without an issue.
Your dental crown withstands everyday abuses, but putting too much pressure on it or biting into something hard, might make it shatter or crack. That’s why you want to avoid chewing any solid objects or ice. If you damage the crown, you’ll probably need a new one.
Grinding Teeth
Almost 40 million Americans clench or grind their teeth. Of those people, nearly 10-percent of them grind so hard that it cracks their dentures or crowns. If this happens to you, consider using a night bite plate to prevent any further issues.
If Your Crown Comes Off, Here’s What You Should Do
If you lose your crown, remain calm. This isn’t a dental emergency, but you should still contact the dentist as soon as possible. Your exposed tooth is susceptible to pain and sensitivity. Clean off the crown with your toothbrush and allow it to dry. Then, wrap it securely in a paper towel or plastic wrap to protect it. Hold onto it safely until the appointment. Until then, if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to call your dentist near Sutton, MA at (508) 987-8125.