Dentist Oxford Facial Exercises

Dentist near Webster, MA Shares Facial Exercises to Improve Your Smile

Exercise tones your body, so what can be done for your smile? There are facial exercises that work like a facelift for your skin. They’ll improve elasticity and even reduce some visible lines. Get ready for summer with these fun exercises.
By practicing your smile, you improve the facial muscles dramatically. This gives you even more control over happy expressions. To begin, simply sit or stand in front of your mirror. Allow your lips and face to relax. Stretch out the corners of your mouth while keeping your lips closes. Hold this move for ten seconds. 
Then, expand your lateral stretch and begin to part your lips. This should expose the edges of your teeth. Hold this pose for another ten seconds. 
Now, go a little further and expose half your teeth; hold again. Finally, smile as wide as possible and hold for a final ten seconds. Repeat the steps backwards until you’ve reversed the smile. 
Tone Your Cheek Muscles
Increase flexibility and control over your smile with this simple cheek muscle exercise. Start by smiling as wide as possible without parting your lips. Aim to achieve an ear-to-ear grin. Then, wiggle your nose just like a rabbit. You should feel your cheek muscles engage with your smile. Hold this for five seconds. 
Repeat it up to ten times to get the full effect.
Face Lift
The Quadratus Labli Superioris is one of your facial muscles. It’s needed to maintain your youthful appearance. By working on this muscle, you reduce the likelihood of sagging skin. Here’s how to accomplish this.
Open your mouth slightly and keep your upper lip relaxed. Flare your nostrils out while you wrinkle your nose. Make sure it’s an exaggerated motion. Then, pull your top lip up and hold for ten seconds. Release and repeat ten times.
All of these exercises help to keep your face in the best shape possible. When you combine these with cosmetic dental procedures, you are ensured a beautiful smile for years to come. Talk with your dentist about the treatments which are available to you.