Dentist Oxford Fixing black triangles with dental bonding

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Dental black triangles are unwanted spaces that develop between your teeth. They are unsightly and are normally considered as signs of aging. In addition, they are also unhealthy since food debris and plaque may accumulate in these black triangles. One way to deal with these black triangles is through dental bonding.


Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a dental procedure in which the tooth-colored resin is used to cover some parts of the teeth and then hardened using a special light. Aside from black triangles, dental bonding can also be used in repairing decayed teeth or cracked teeth and enhance the appearance of teeth.


Things to consider when using dental bonding to fix black triangles

●     A rubber dam is placed to manage soft tissue in preparation for the treatment

●     There are a number of diastema closure matrix sizes available to fix the black triangles.

●     The main consideration in using dental bonding in fixing black triangles is the smoothness and shape of the matrix used. It is also important to take into account how the composite can be injected.

●     The matrix is opened partially using the tips of the syringes to allow the composites to be injected. They will close once the composite syringes are removed.

●     When large enamel areas are bonding, the best method to use is total etch.

●     The bonding agent is placed before injecting the composite material in small increments.

●     When injecting the composites, it is advisable to use the flowable composites first before a paste composite is injected.


Some dentists may not recommend the use of dental bonding to fix black triangles since there may be instances where it is necessary to periodically replace them. While dental bonding may not stain from food and drinks, it may be possible for the teeth to get stained. In this situation, a margin between the bonding material and tooth may become visible. While veneers can also be used to fix black triangles, dental bonding is considered as the easiest and cheapest method of improving your smile.