Dentist Oxford Foods that naturally clean teeth

Dentist Webster MA offers the TLC your teeth deserve!

Cookies, gummi bears, gum drops, peanut brittle… if you want to bring shivers to the spine of your normally easy-going and friendly dentist, then you can pop any of the just mention in the mouth. Foods filled with sugar, sticky candy that clings to the pearly whites, peanut brittle that can break or chip teeth or fillings. Now, on the other hand, your dentist can be brought to smiles if you mention his or her favorite foods that naturally keep teeth clean. (with the brushing and flossing)


Your Dentist Webster MA shares a list of food that naturally clean teeth: 


- Cheese

You really should smile when you say ‘CH-EEE-SE’ because cheese is a food packed with the calcium and phosphates that balances the ph inside your mouth as well as preserves and rebuilds tooth enamel. Cheese also produces necessary saliva that kills the bacteria that causes cavities.


- Onions

Onions get a bad rap for bringing on bad breath, which a sugarless breath mint can alleviate; but don’t negate the power of the onion that contains anti-bacterial sulphur compounds that will kill the bacteria in mouth, especially if eaten raw.


- Sesame

Remember when your mom told you to drink your milk; you would get strong bones and teeth?  This is true, but what if you don’t like milk? Make your mom and your dentist happy with a handful of sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are very high in calcium, builds enamel on teeth, and reduces plaque. Says who? Ses – a – me! (sorry, just a little dental humor)


Want to whiten teeth the natural way?  Eat a fresh pineapple. The pineapple has an enzyme that works as a natural stain remover on the teeth and acts to remove plaque.


- Carrots

Then there are carrots. The Vitamin A in carrots may or may not be good for improving vision but one thing is true, chewing raw carrots cleans your teeth and builds tooth enamel.



Broccoli gives the body iron and produces a film that protects teeth enamel. With these foods and the toothbrush and floss, a cookie now and again won’t hurt!