Dentist Oxford Replacing Missing Teeth

Dentist serving Sutton, MA Shares the Importance of Replacement

Did you know that there are almost 200 million people with at least one tooth missing? Tooth loss is rampant and caused by cancer, gum disease, wear and injury. Regardless of why you are missing a tooth, it is important to understand the impact.
Bone Loss
The most important danger to discuss is bone loss. This occurs once a tooth is missing because the roots are no longer connected to the jawbone. Because of this, the jawbone starts to deteriorate.
When this occurs, it puts you at risk of losing more teeth and impacts the appearance of your face. You’ll also face an increased risk of gum disease or decay of neighboring teeth.
Speech and Diet
You will also notice a decrease in the types of food you consume. Chewing and biting become difficult as teeth start to disappear. You’ll also use your other teeth too much in an effort to compensate for what’s missing.
This leads to poor health and diminished nutrition. It also leads to digestive issues as you turn more to soft foods or fail to thoroughly chew your foods before swallowing.
Speech is also a common issue especially if you are missing front teeth. This leads to a lisp or a change to how you speak.
Reduction in Self-Esteem
If the space is noticeable to others as you speak or smile, you might start to avoid these actions in an effort to protect yourself. This has an impact on your social life and your self-esteem. Depending on your career and relationship, this can add up to a lot lost over time.
Replace a Missing Tooth
There are many options available to you if you are ready to replace your missing teeth. Consider:
Dental Implants
We recommend dental implants over the other choices wherever possible because they are longer lasting and preserve the bone in your jaw. Restoring your smile is important. Don’t wait another minute to take action and get your beautiful self-esteem back once again. Talk to your dentist serving Sutton, MA about which options will be best for your individual needs. The office of Dr. Valente can be reached at (508) 987-8125, we look forward to your call!