Dentist Oxford Smoking and Your Dental Health
All tobacco products can be very dangerous for your oral and overall health. Yes, tobacco can cause bad breath, and yellow teeth, but there are other several issues to be aware of as well.
Oral Health Impacts of Smoking
There are many dangers to your oral health when you use tobacco products. Here are some to be aware of:
Oral cancer
Cosmetic dental problems that are hard to correct
Stained teeth
Dull sense of smell and taste
Stained tongue
Slow healing times after surgery or tooth extraction
Gum diseases
Other Problems with Tobacco
Aside from the dental issues, you have a long list of health concerns that come with smoking. More than 20 million Americans have already died due to smoking. While most of these were people who smoked, it might alarm you to know that over 2 million of them were non-smokers but spent time around a smoker. This just goes to prove that you aren’t just harming your own body, but also those around you.
Prevention & Treatment
Your oral care regimen is more important than ever as a smoker. Make sure you are brushing twice a day, flossing once and visiting your dentist twice a year. The only way to decrease your risk of these oral related problems is to quit smoking. Nicotine, the addictive quality found in cigarettes, chewing tobacco and cigars, makes this process extremely difficult to do. 
For your best chance of success, set up a support network of people who will help you stick to your plan. Write down all the reasons you have to quit. Then, occupy your time with good habits such as exercise or chewing gum instead. 
If you don’t have people around you to help, it would be wise to search out a dedicated support group or join therapy. You can also speak to your dentist about various medications that might help you curb the cravings and quit easier.
When you are ready to quit, sit down and visit your Oxford, MA dentist. They will be able to offer tips and support for the journey you have ahead of you.