Dentist Oxford The Seal of Acceptance

Our Dentist in Webster MA Discusses What the ADA Seal on Dental Products Really Means

The ADA (American Dental Association) Seal on a dental product is a good indicator of quality. You probably recall seeing the ADA logo when purchasing such things as toothbrushes, mouth rinses, toothpaste, floss, denture adhesives, and sugarless chewing gum, to name a few of the hundreds of products with this Seal. 


Below, you dentist Webster MA shares the information on what is really behind the ADA seal of acceptance. 


The Origins of ADA Seal 

A ‘thumbs up’ from the more than 125 scientists, consultants, the American Dental Association’s staff scientists and council on scientific affairs is by no means easy. It shouldn’t be, the ADA seal which came into existence back in 1930 was formed to provide the average consumer a level of confidence that the product is reliable in providing the quality care to your teeth and gums.


Private or Governmental? 

The ADA is not a government program but a private organization. The ADA does not profit when a company earns this Seal of Acceptance nor is the American Dental Association endorsing any one product over another product. If the product earns the Seal of Acceptance, the choice of which product a consumer prefers is strictly a subjective choice based on the consumer’s needs. (package quantity, cost of product, ease of use by reason of design)

What if a certain product doesn't have the ADA seal? 

It is also important to note that not having the ADA Seal does not mean the product is a bad product. The manufacturer may not have the needed funds to go about applying for the ADA Seal of Acceptance or does not think they need the Seal to sell their product, or they may be homeopathic in nature (natural) where the claims of effectiveness cannot be proven scientifically.
The very ability of the dental industry to be able to regulate themselves without government oversight has brought the ADA their own ‘seal of approval’ in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan praised and provided the ADA a certificate of commendation.
The process manufacturers use in obtaining this ‘coveted’ ADA seal is a labor-intensive process both of the manufacturer and the ADA that involves much testing and investigation into the ingredients that the product contains. Always look for that ADA label when shopping for dental products and you will be assured of the quality that your teeth do deserve.