Dentist Oxford The Stages of Gum Disease
Periodontal disease is a term often used to discuss gum disease, but it can refer to anything that affects the area around the tooth. There are many stages to the destruction that periodontal diseases can cause.
It all starts with this substance that adheres itself to the tooth surface. Plaque is, in fact, a living organism that lives inside the mouth which is a delicate ecosystem. Your mouth grows different varieties of bacteria. Some of these are healthy while others can be dangerous. 
The disease-causing bacteria will appear on the plaque.  This can cause ongoing damage to the teeth when not properly cleaned off through good oral hygiene practices. The beginning of periodontal disease begins when this plaque starts to attack the gum tissue surrounding the teeth.
Progression of the Disease
In the early stages, you will begin to see an inflammation of the gums. This is often referred to as gingivitis. This is going to lead to the destruction of your periodontal ligaments. Eventually, it will progress further and lead to the loss of supporting bone and gum tissue. When this occurs, you can expect to lose teeth. 
Signs and Symptoms
Here are some ways to tell if you might be suffering from periodontal diseases:
Gums are reddened
Gums can become swollen and bleed when brushing or flossing
Persistent bad breath
Ongoing bad taste in the mouth
Tooth sensitivity
Pockets of bacteria form on the gums
Discharge from the gum tissue
Prevention is Key
It is very hard to treat periodontal diseases, especially as they progress. Your best bet is always to focus on prevention first. Make sure you are following these simple steps for a healthy mouth.
Brush at least twice daily for three minutes at a time
Floss at least daily to remove dirt and debris from between the teeth
Avoid unhealthy foods that are high in sugar
Eat a healthy and balanced diet
Visit your dentist twice a year for a checkup
Take the time now can help you to avoid painful and costly procedures later. In addition, you are going to be protecting your teeth so they can last you for many years to come. If you are concerned about gum disease, be sure to share your concerns with Dr. Valente, your dentist near Dudley, MA at your next visit.