Dentist Oxford The Truth About Oral Thrush

Auburn, MA Area Dentist Helps Prevent Oral Thrush

Candida is a yeast that generally remains under control in our bodies thanks to the good bacteria and our immune system. Taking antibiotics or eating certain foods can make you susceptible to an overgrowth of this yeast in the body. As the yeast continues to grow, it could present itself on your tongue. Here’s what you need to know.
Causes of Thrush
Thankfully, most healthy people won’t battle thrush as it tends to only show up in people with compromised immune systems. The white patches of yeast can be visible on the cheeks, lips, tongue and palate. Other causes of oral thrush include:
Wearing dentures
Having diabetes
Taking antibiotics, oral contraceptive or steroids
Poor nutrition including a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates
Prevention of Thrush
If you want to prevent oral thrush, there are some steps you’ll need to take. First, if you are taking antibiotics, oral contraceptive or steroids you’ll want to speak with your dentist about replenishing the good bacteria in your body. This is necessary to kill off the yeast and destructive bacteria.
It is also critical that you maintain a healthy diet. Sugars, refined carbohydrates and alcohol are the common dietary causes of thrush. Eliminate sugars from your diet because yeast feeds on it. Then, reduce the number of grains, bread and pasta as well.
By starving the yeast, you can prevent any further complications. Be sure to eat plenty of green vegetables and consume healthy fats. Foods high in protein are also essential ways to get the nutrition needed for a healthy lifestyle. Adding some onions and raw garlic to your diet is also an effective way of treating yeast. Keep in mind that while diet is important to your overall well-being, it might not be enough to prevent thrush in people with compromised immune systems.
If you find that you struggle with oral thrush, it might be time to speak with your Auburn, MA area dentist or doctor. They can help create a treatment plan which will work for you. There’s no reason to continue battling this pesky ailment any further. Seek treatment and get back to having a healthy and happy mouth once again.
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