Dentist Oxford Tips for Lost Retainers

Oxford MA Dentist Shares Tips on Locating Lost Retainers

If you’ve lost your retainer again, you aren’t alone. Many people consistently lose track of this dental appliance. It’s often a frustrating experience because your retainer is needed and is crucial to maintaining straight teeth. 
Steps to Finding a Lost Retainer
The first thing you’ll want to do is retrace your steps. Don’t panic and try to remain calm. Don’t run around looking for it because that won’t be effective. Stress causes problems with your memory. If you want to remember where you were when you threw the retainer away or misplaced it, you need your mind to be at optimal levels. Take a few deep breaths and sit in a quiet place to prepare for the search.
Look in the unexpected places as well. People find their retainer in the weirdest places like under the bed, on a nightstand or even in a backpack. Look at each room as if it was a crime scene and you need to find clues. Don’t throw things around in a panic because you might miss what’s right in front of your eyes.
You can also ask others. Don’t be embarrassed to talk to your parents, spouse, roommate or anyone else that might know where it is. 
Preventing a Lost Retainer
The key to not losing your retainer is preventing it in the first place. Here are some of our best tips.
Wear it as directed.
Maintain a consistent pattern.
Keep it away from children or pets.
Don’t wrap it in paper towels or napkins.
Use a specified case to store the retainer when it’s not in your mouth.
Many people that have undergone orthodontic treatments lose their retainer some point throughout treatment. If you can’t find it through the strategies that were suggested, you might need to have a replacement made. Don’t hesitate to make that appointment right away because your teeth require this appliance to remain straight. Stay on track by caring for your retainer, finding it promptly when it gets lost or having a replacement made right away. Chances are, you’ll be more conscious of losing it again in the future.
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