Dentist Oxford Your Child's First Dental Visit
It is a common misconception that we shouldn’t care about our baby’s teeth because they are going to fall out anyway. This first dental visit sets the tone for healthy teeth throughout your child’s entire life. Making time to have this crucial visit will be an important part of the pediatric care your child receives.
One-year old children require a comprehensive examination to ensure that they are set up for a lifetime of good oral health. It is not just a casual visit as many parents believe. The dentist will assess the risk of tooth decay and offer hands on teeth cleaning training. In addition, you’ll be able to discuss nutritional counseling and talk about the use of cups. Fluoride recommendations are also going to be made and you may have to make some follow up appointments based on the dentist’s thoughts.
Early Diagnosis of Tooth Decay
Babies and small children can experience tooth decay. Many times it can be the cause of a baby bottle and happens between the ages of twelve to eighteen months. There are however instances that don’t have to do with bottles and can even happen when using sippy cups or breast feeding. 
Preventing Tooth Decay in Babies
There are some simple guidelines that will help keep your baby from experiencing tooth decay.
Breastfeeding is recommended for young children. Remove the child from the breast as soon as they are done eating and do not nurse at will through the night.
Do not allow babies to use bottles for comfort or through the night.
Do not dip pacifiers in sweeteners.
Limit the amount of medication being used that contain sugar. This can be difficult if you are caring for a child with chronic illness.
Limit your child’s sugar intake. Offer healthy alternatives for food and beverages.
Prevention is always a better choice over treatment, especially when dealing with small children. Avoid painful ailments further down the road and take your child to their 1-year old dental checkup. For high quality in family dentistry in Oxford, MA, schedule your appointment with Dr. Valente today.