Dentist Oxford Your Teeth and Alzheimer’s Risk
It has long been documented that the health of your teeth can be linked to numerous health issues. The newest information is that your teeth could be an indicator of how high of risk you are at for Alzheimer’s disease. This is news to many of those who are reaching the age in which this disease often strikes. However, it can be another great reason to encourage proper dental health in order to help prevent this disease. 
Bacteria in the Mouth and Alzheimer’s
A new study that was produced at The University of Central Lancashire in England were examining brain tissue that was donated by 10 patients with dementia and 10 patients without. The results of what they found were astounding. These results: 
1. The gum disease bacteria lipopolysaccharides were found in four of the samples that had dementia.
2. There was no evidence of this bacteria in the samples that did not have dementia.
The hypothesis after this finding was this bacterium could be triggering an immune system response that was then killing brain cells. This response was then leading to Alzheimer’s disease, especially the symptoms of confusion and the deteriorating memory. More research will be needed to fully back up this hypothesis, but many people are finding that it gives them the incentive to take proper care of their teeth and gums. 
How to Ensure Gum and Teeth Health
It is due to findings like these that encourage people to take care of their gums and teeth starting at a young age. Here are a few tips to ensure that you are lowering your chances of disease in any way that you can!
1. Always brush your teeth at least twice per day.
2. Use a mouthwash that kills bacteria.
3. Eat a balanced diet that is going to help you to keep your overall health.
4. Floss between teeth to remove those stubborn bits of bacteria.
5. Always keep your routine dental appointments to ensure any problems are found quickly.
6. Avoid eating tons of sugar as this can cause bacteria to become worse.
Your dentist can provide more tips and help you with anything that may be specific to your case. Therefore, regular appointments with your Dr. Valente, your dentist nearby Sutton, MA is a must!